Online Shopping Experience With Ryabe

In short, they’re not trustworthy! Their stuff costs a lot, but it’s not even that good.

And they’re using fake postage, according to what USPS says.

For all the details, including pictures of my orders, info about the company, how their returns and customer service are, and lots more, read my full Ryabe review!

Dealing with Ryabe when they don’t fix problems can be tricky.

Look closely at what customers say to find out what’s going on.

Compare what Ryabe says they do with what customers experience.

Keep track of everything when you talk to them because it’s important to have good records.

Think about other options and know your rights as a consumer.

If things don’t improve, you might need to get help from someone else.

In tough situations like this, it’s important to make smart choices and take action to protect yourself.

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Image of a laptop with a skeptical expression on the screen, surrounded by question marks and caution signs
Image of a laptop with a sceptical expression on the screen, surrounded by question marks and caution signs. Photo source: Facebook

Is Ryabe a legit website in Australia?

Sadly, it seems like Ryabe might not be trustworthy.

Even though it looks like a cool place to shop for women’s clothes online, there are signs that it’s not legit.

Is Keppal a legitimate company?

BBB is looking into this company because many people have asked about it.

According to BBB records, customers say they paid for stuff but didn’t get it.

Also, they say they didn’t hear back about their orders or get refunds.

On June 6, 2023, BBB reached out to the company about our worries because of all the complaints.

Sadly, BBB didn’t get a response.

The Federal Trade Commission has rules about delivering orders on time and giving refunds if there are problems.

These rules apply to orders made online, over the phone, or by fax. You can learn more about these rules on the FTC’s website:

How do you check if the site is legit?

Here are some simple steps to see if a website is trustworthy:

  1. Look at the address bar and the website’s URL to make sure it looks normal.
  2. Check if the website has an SSL certificate, which shows it’s secure.
  3. Read through the website for any bad grammar or spelling mistakes.
  4. Verify the domain to make sure it matches the company’s name.
  5. Go to the contact page and check if there’s a way to reach the company.
  6. Look for the company on social media and see what people are saying about it.
  7. Check if the website has a privacy policy to protect your information.

How can I know a legit site?

To avoid scams and protect your info online, follow these steps when checking a website:

  1. Look for a secure padlock icon next to the website’s URL in your browser. Click on it to confirm the site’s security certificate.
  2. Check if the website’s URL starts with “https://” instead of “http://”. The “s” stands for secure and indicates authenticated sites, especially important for pages where you enter payment info.
  3. Use a search engine like Google or Bing to find the official company website. Legitimate sites usually appear near the top of search results.
  4. Hover your mouse over website links to see the underlying URL. This helps ensure you’re going where you expect to, as some links can be deceptive.
  5. Visit the Google Transparency Report webpage to check a site’s safety rating and verify its legitimacy.


Unfortunately, Ryabe doesn’t seem to be a trustworthy option.

Despite its appealing appearance, there are concerns about the quality of its products and its use of fake postage.

For a detailed analysis, including order images, company insights, and tips on handling customer service issues, read the full Ryabe review.

Remember, in challenging situations like these, it’s crucial to make informed decisions and take action to safeguard your interests.

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