Warning Signs You Should Know About Enfissi.com

Image of a laptop computer with a magnifying glass hovering over the Enfissi.com website address in the browser, emphasizing the scrutiny and investigation of the site's legitimacy.

Enfissi.com website is a website that says it sells books. But if you look closely, some things make it seem like it might not be trustworthy. The website looks basic and doesn’t have any good reviews, which makes it seem suspicious. Also, they only have ten items for sale, all under one category called “All … Read more

Online Shopping Experience With Ryabe

Image of a laptop with a skeptical expression on the screen, surrounded by question marks and caution signs

In short, they’re not trustworthy! Their stuff costs a lot, but it’s not even that good. And they’re using fake postage, according to what USPS says. For all the details, including pictures of my orders, info about the company, how their returns and customer service are, and lots more, read my full Ryabe review! Dealing … Read more

Beware of Scams By Identifying Fake Online Stores

Is Ryabe a legitimate website? They’re a scam! Their prices are too high for low-quality clothes. They even use fake postage. Learn how to spot fake online stores and protect yourself while shopping online. Is Keppal a legitimate company? Customers complain to the BBB that they didn’t get what they paid for. They also say … Read more