Navigating Online Classifieds From Geebo to Spotting Scams

Over the past ten years, online classified sites have faced some tough times.

But despite that, they’re still quite popular, especially among older folks who like to use them for buying and selling stuff online.

If you’re not sure what classified sites are and how they’re different from places like Amazon, here’s the deal: Classified sites have fewer rules.

On sites like Amazon, you mainly find new stuff for sale, while on classified sites, you can buy and sell all sorts of things, both new and used.

You can find almost anything on classified sites—cars, houses, job listings, old stuff, tools, you name it.

They’re more about connecting people locally, so they don’t usually focus on shipping things far away.

You might wonder why these sites are still around and how to make the most of them.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula for buying or selling on these sites.

But if you’re interested in using a site like Geebo, I can help you understand its features and give you tips to avoid scams when you’re buying or selling.

What is Geebo?

Geebo is a website where you can buy and sell all kinds of stuff, like clothes, furniture, electronics, and more.

It’s like an online marketplace where people connect to trade things they no longer need or to find bargains on things they want.

Geebo is a website made by Greg Collier in 2000.
It’s meant to be a safe place for people to buy and sell stuff and find jobs online without dealing with spam or scams.
Greg Collier has been working hard to keep the site safe since 2010.
He even wrote a letter to other sites asking them to stop scammers.
In 2013, he removed pet listings because many were from bad places called puppy mills, where dogs are treated badly just to make money.
After a tragic event in 2016, Geebo stopped ads for guns. In 2019, they made rules to make sure people talking about ads were doing it safely.
an image of Space Time camera from Geebo.
an image of Space Time camera from Geebo. Photo source: Facebook

How do you find fake data entry jobs?

Real job ads will tell you the company’s name and how to contact them.

Using a regular email like Gmail instead of their company email might be a scam.

What are fake shopping websites?

Fake shopping sites pretend to be real stores, but they’re just tricks.

They might show cheap prices for things you want, but they won’t send you what you buy.

Sometimes, they try to steal your credit card details.

Are CV gun jobs legit?

CVGun jobs aren’t real.

People say CVGun is a scam site that tricks job seekers into giving personal info.

Here’s why: The site looks bad and not professional.

How do I find a scammer’s name?

here are the steps in simple terms:

  1. Collect Proof: Gather any proof of the scam, like emails or receipts.
  2. Avoid “People Finder” Sites: These won’t help much. Focus on other steps.
  3. Report to FTC: Tell the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about the scam.
  4. Contact Police: Talk to your local police and give them details.
  5. Report to Platform: If the scam happened online, tell the website or app where it happened.


Over the past decade, online classifieds have persevered despite challenges, offering a diverse marketplace for buying and selling.

Geebo, founded in 2000, stands out for its commitment to safety and integrity.
While scams exist, understanding the differences between legitimate opportunities and red flags empowers users to navigate these platforms securely.
Remember, vigilance and awareness are key to enjoying the benefits of online classifieds while sidestepping potential pitfalls.
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