Enhancing Email Security And Understanding Domain Reputation and Email Verification

The email domain archaeologist.com is valid, set up to receive emails, and commonly used for personal accounts.

However, there’s been an increase in abusive accounts from this domain for the archaeologist website, making it a medium risk.

Additional checks are required to verify users from archaeologist.com.

An image of Fake figurines
An image of Fake figurines. Photo Source: Twitter

How to Check a Domain’s Risk Score?

To check a mail server domain, use the search box to analyze its risk score for fraud, abuse, malware, phishing, and other unwanted activities.

IPQS assesses domain threats based on vast data and client feedback, including IP reputation health.

What Are the Benefits of Domain Reputation Analysis?

Mail domains give an initial idea of the email reputation of the archaeologist website. Risky providers often lead to fake accounts.

Using an API can help filter out fraudulent registrations in real time.

IPQS offers tools to detect bot traffic and fraudulent sign-ups, including advanced email reputation screening.

How Can I Verify an Individual Email Address?

The provided sources discuss IPQualityScore’s Email Validation API, which offers services to validate email addresses, identify high-risk emails, and improve email deliverability.

The API performs syntax and DNS checks, verifies the existence of email addresses with mail service providers, and ensures functional inboxes to reduce fraudulent activities.

It also helps in maintaining healthy sender scores, minimizing bounce rates, and enhancing email marketing effectiveness by filtering out low-quality and abusive users in real time.

The service includes features like fast API requests, timeout settings, and domain correction for typo errors to tailor the validation process to specific requirements.

Additionally, IPQualityScore’s API estimates deliverability rates and detects invalid mailboxes, disposable emails, spam traps, and fraudulent activities to prevent fake accounts, bounces, and other abuses

Does Domain Reputation Affect Email Deliverability?

Yes, major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and others use domain reputation to spot spam.

Use our free SPAM check to find issues. Regularly clean email lists to boost domain reputation.


The email domain archaeologist.com poses a medium risk due to an increase in abusive accounts, necessitating further verification.

Enhance email security by understanding domain reputation, using email verification tools, and regularly cleaning email lists.

By leveraging tools like IPQualityScore’s API, users can ensure email deliverability, maintain sender scores, and protect against fraudulent activities, ultimately improving their email marketing effectiveness and user interactions.

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