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Kicks Crew

The KicksCrew website is a website where you can buy cool sneakers and streetwear. It started in 2008 and is famous for offering good prices on popular brands.

KicksCrew brings together sneaker fans and official sellers worldwide. With 400,000+ styles, they offer the latest kicks and hype drops.

This means they have fresh arrivals constantly and rare sneakers available.

Is KICKS a legitimate site?

Many wonder if KicksCrew is real. Yes, it’s legit! They only work with trusted sellers, so no fake shoes.
Each pair has a special tag for authenticity. Collectors love KicksCrew for real sneakers like Nike Air Jordans.

Which country is KICKS CREW based in?

Kicks Crew, also written as KICKS CREW, is a digital store based in New York City.

They focus mainly on selling sneakers but also offer clothes and accessories.

They aim to make the sneaker market online accessible to more people, not just those looking for limited edition or luxury styles.

Their business model involves working with brands and retailers, not individuals, to sell products.

This means they sell exclusive launches, overstock, and extra inventory, not second-hand items.

This helps avoid issues with authenticity.

The KickCrew website has over 400,000 products from major sportswear brands and many other clothing and shoe companies, including some up-and-coming brands from Asia.

Is Kicks a legitimate company?

Kicks Crew, founded in 2021, is a global online store for sneakers, clothes, and accessories.

It’s different because it only works with trusted sellers and brands, making sure everything is real.

Kicks Crew partners with big sports brands for special product releases as it grows.

To make sure you get genuine products, Kicks Crew checks everything before sending it to you.

They’ve become a top choice for sneaker fans worldwide, offering over 400,000 styles and shipping everywhere.

They also team up with famous athletes to launch their shoe lines.

NBA player Austin Reaves and others have debuted their signature shoes with Kicks Crew’s help.

Big investment firms support Kicks Crew and even have NBA star Damian Lillard on board as an investor and ambassador.

How long does KICKS CREW take to deliver?

You’ll get a tracking number in about 7-10 business days. This depends on when the seller sends it and our quality check. Your product goes to our quality control centres before being sent out.

Keep in mind, that customs, border rules, and delays from other shipping companies could make it take longer.

We usually ship most orders without taxes and duties included, except for orders going to Mexico, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

Here are the shipping rates and delivery times for different countries:

  • Australia: Shipping Rate US$ 40, Delivery Time 3-8 business days
  • Bahrain: Shipping Rate US$ 55, Delivery Time 4-7 business days
  • Brazil: Shipping Rate US$ 65, Delivery Time 4-8 business days
  • And so on for other countries…


The KicksCrew website provides a reliable platform for sneaker enthusiasts worldwide, offering authentic products sourced from verified retailers.
With a wide range of styles and global shipping options, it’s a go-to destination for sneaker lovers everywhere.
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