Everything You Need to Know About GOAT Website

GOAT Website

The GOAT website is like heaven for people crazy about sneakers.

It’s a huge place where you can buy and sell sneakers from all over the world.

But that’s not all – they also have sunglasses, bags, clothes, and fancy stuff.

Here’s the cool part: not only can you buy brand-new sneakers, but you can also get ones that have been worn before.

And guess what? Some sellers even offer sneakers that are “GOAT Clean,” which means they’ve been cleaned up nicely by professionals.

So, whether you’re after an old-school classic or the hottest new kicks, chances are you’ll find it on GOAT.

GOAT Sellers’ Fees

Sure, when sellers put stuff up for sale on GOAT, they have to pay some fees.

When someone buys their stuff, GOAT takes a cut of the sale, which is 9.5 per cent of the selling price.

On top of that, depending on where the seller is from, there’s an extra fee.

Like, if you’re selling from the United States or Canada, there’s a $5 extra fee.

But if you’re selling from Italy, it’s $12 extra. And if you’re selling from China, it’s a $25 extra fee.

Even though it can add up, these fees are not as much as some other places where you can sell shoes online.

Is it safe to buy from GOAT?

GOAT is like a big online store just for sneakers. They sell both brand-new ones and ones that people have already worn. But don’t worry, every single pair of shoes they sell is checked to make sure they’re the real deal.

If you’re interested in buying sneakers from GOAT, keep reading! We’ll explain why it’s safe to buy from them, how you can buy and sell shoes, and what happens if you need to return something.

Does GOAT sell used shoes?

Yep, on GOAT, sellers can sell sneakers that have been worn before.

But don’t worry, every sneaker sold on GOAT is supposed to be the real deal.

They have a special process to make sure of it.

They use fancy technology, like an AI machine, to check the sneakers and make sure they’re genuine.

This helps keep fake sneakers away because, unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes out there.

But even with all their checks, some people have still complained about getting fake sneakers.

How long does GOAT take to deliver?

Here’s how it works: When you order something, it comes to us first to make sure everything’s okay. Then, it’s sent to you. If you’re in the US, it usually takes about 7 to 10 business days (Monday to Friday) for your order to arrive. That’s because it takes about 3 to 4 days for us to get it, 1 to 2 days to check it, and another 3 to 4 days to ship it to you.


GOAT is a sneakerhead’s haven, offering a vast selection of sneakers from around the globe, alongside sunglasses, bags, and clothing.

Whether you seek new releases or pre-loved classics, GOAT’s got you covered.

While sellers incur fees, GOAT ensures authenticity, employing advanced technology to verify each pair.

Despite occasional concerns, GOAT remains a trusted destination for sneaker enthusiasts.

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