Unmasking the Scam: Is Strictlymot a Legit Website?

Split-screen image: On one side, a poorly designed website; on the other, a padlock with a checkmark.

In the vast digital landscape, where legitimate businesses thrive, there are dark corners harbouring deceit. One such shadowy entity is Strictlymot.com. But is it a legitimate website or a cunning ruse? Let’s delve into the depths of this enigma.   The Deceptive Facade Strictlymot.com presents itself as an online store, enticing unsuspecting customers with unrealistically … Read more

Enhancing Email Security And Understanding Domain Reputation and Email Verification

An image of Fake-tablets unwrapped for assessment

The email domain archaeologist.com is valid, set up to receive emails, and commonly used for personal accounts. However, there’s been an increase in abusive accounts from this domain for the archaeologist website, making it a medium risk. Additional checks are required to verify users from archaeologist.com. How to Check a Domain’s Risk Score? To check … Read more

Warning Signs You Should Know About Enfissi.com

Image of a laptop computer with a magnifying glass hovering over the Enfissi.com website address in the browser, emphasizing the scrutiny and investigation of the site's legitimacy.

Enfissi.com website is a website that says it sells books. But if you look closely, some things make it seem like it might not be trustworthy. The website looks basic and doesn’t have any good reviews, which makes it seem suspicious. Also, they only have ten items for sale, all under one category called “All … Read more